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Title: FaD Curiosity
Post by: PiNkY on October 12, 2005, 02:45:49 AM
while i've been pondering the grid/wcg oddities, a fad-related question came across my mind.  i may have simply missed it somewhere, though doesn't hurt to ask.  grid/cancer->oxford.  grid/rosetta->isb(plus some uni in washington?).  wcg/rosetta->same as grid/rosetta.  folding->stanford.  who is using the data that you peeps at FaD are working on?  the same treweren consultants people who got the project going?  and aren't there multiple projects going, so isn't this quite a bit of data for what sounded like a smaller organization to go through?  just curious, as i think i missed it somewhere. :D

Title: FaD Curiosity
Post by: Morphy375 on October 12, 2005, 05:31:30 PM
21 views and no reply.....

Maybe it's a good idea to ask this question over at FAD.....   :twisted:

Cancer results are verified at Oxford University and we have lots of positive results. HIV at Luebeck University in Germany (AFAIR).

Title: FaD Curiosity
Post by: PiNkY on October 12, 2005, 05:35:40 PM
i'll admit i was started at the lack of reply, myself. :)

Title: FaD Curiosity
Post by: vaio on October 12, 2005, 05:38:59 PM
We crunch it............THEY* analyze it

*whoever THEY are :P

Title: FaD Curiosity
Post by: Morphy375 on October 12, 2005, 06:13:11 PM
Quote from: "Scamp"
We crunch it............THEY* analyze it

*whoever THEY are :P

There were some discussions on the FAD board regarding this topic.  THINK (owner of treweren) said that he can't tell something about his partners because of the licensing problems of molecules showing results that are promising....

So, like with every other project it's a matter of believe or not.....

But on the other hand I like this project because of the support and quick answers from think. So I hope to not waste my money for setting up crunch-onlies....

(I left TSC because of lack of support. Just have a look at FrankenPower to see what I crunched for them. Over at FAD my little dog Snoopy_0204 is crunching......)

Title: FaD Curiosity
Post by: FluffyChicken on October 13, 2005, 06:16:26 AM
Find-a-Drug controls it all ;)

Treweren make the client and give financial support,  FaD is basicaly a not-for-profit part of Treweren Consultants use to do very large scale Virtual Screening for anyone that wants it (within reason I guess)

from this post
(collected from various other posts)

Collaborations are/have been with

  • Bioterrorism Antidotes  - University of Rochester
  • Cancer  - NIH Validation
  • HIV  - University of Cardiff & NIH validation
  • Multiple Sclerosis - University of Pennsylvania
  • SARS  - Lubeck University
  • CJD - University of Sheffield

  • Proteome - have no direct collaboration at the start of processing although results are available to appropriate parties that want them (and have been used).
  • Methodology - has a collaboration with Find-a-Drug & Treweren Consultants ;)
If anyone knows of anyone that could use the results or collaborate with Find-a-Drug, they don't mind being told :D

  • Collaborations are not announced if agreements prohibits any publicity.
Find-a-Drug is based in England, so there is less singing and dancing than some other projects.  :lol:


Malaria is with one of the London's Universities  (although I've just looked at thier announcement and they're 'made availablel to research groups around the world'

and a recent new post by myself

THINK gave a snippet of information on Multiple Sclerosis progress with the collaborators,

I have been advised that some samples have been purchased for testing in the laboratory in the coming weeks. However, it is unlikely we will be told which molecules show activity - although I am hoping a general overview will be disclosed.

Respiratory Diseases incorporates many target, plauge (University of Rockefeller),  also under that title are  Asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis ...