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Thanks, Pinky. I'm determined to crawl kicking and screaming into this century eventually lol
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I don't have a PS3... can't play Guild Wars on it... lol.  The only console system I'd consider getting would be an Xbox in order to play Halo3, but I'm told that will be coming out for PC.

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Linux for PSIII by terraSoft -
PSIII OS installed pricing -[hardware][sony]=1


Not just a game box!
The Sony Computer Entertainment PLAYSTATION®3 with Yellow Dog Linux is the most exciting personal computer to hit the market in years. Terra Soft offers the PS3™ with Yellow Dog Linux pre-installed as a low cost, home and office personal computer and Cell Broadband Engine development workstation --even a supercomputing cluster node.

As the Cell processor inside the PS3 is built from the same foundation as that found in the high-end Mercury and IBM Cell products, the PS3 makes for an ideal Cell development workstation with Yellow Dog Linux, the Cell SDK, and optimization tools from RapidMind and Mercury --all available from Terra Soft Solutions.
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