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Topic: Institute for Systems Biology (Read 2560 times) Print

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So what's all the experienced WCGer's impressions of ISB??

I've not gotten much exposure yet, but am interested...........the systems approach is appealing to  me, kinda fits my mentality......seems like a good way to go, since everything is related anyhow.

Perusing the WCG forums, they seem to come in and add good info too......which is nice, to actually see the responsible research party interact with the crunchers.......

Any rumors of future projects from them?Huh?

Wonder if they have any job openings for a Clinical Laboratory Scientist??? Thinking  Tongue
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[email protected] cheerleader and Mod!!!

There are rumblings of a new project in the final quarter of this year.

My overall impression of the admins is very favourable.

They not only reply promptly and swiftly to queries but they also actively participate in the threads.
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'Nix n00b

Ditto the pup, also the ISB people post from time-to-time with feedback and also requesting our feedback, which is very good - really makes for community spirit  Cheesy

No news on the next project but there have been hints from the mods etc that at least 2 projects are being considered - be nice to have them run side by side to give the troops a little choice  Smiley

Agree about the systems thing - I'm sure this research will be of benefit across a wide front.
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Yes - here is a link to one of the threads on wcg by Mr. Bonneau - one of the Scientists involved in the Human Proteome Project.

here is a post that contains information by mycrofth - a very knowlagable admin from wcg. I recommend you check out the cytoscape site (link in 2nd half of post) if you are interested in the data correlation and graphical presentation of similar projects.
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