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Johnny Cool

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It's high time that we give kudos to a Team that has been crunching at the WCG for a long time ...

And once, there was a bad time not too long ago, where this Team took 'sides' against another that did some major 'damage'. All has been forgotten now. Everything is just fine. Yet ...

Personally, I cannot think of a Team more worthy than this one to get more great volunteers to join Team Seychelles. Look how long that they have crunched here. And Akela is a great Captain and really, a great all-around person.

If you are thinking of crunching with a Team here, join this one. Do it. 'tis a most worthy Team.

Even at this moment, the 'usual Teams' continue to dominate the WCG team recruitng threads.

Let's make this one right. Akela  does not yet know that this thread has been started here. I'll let him know at the WCG. That is, if I can get past the spamming Teams.  Devil

Coconauts of the World Unite!...We can make a difference!    Reply to this Post
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Friendly, but tiny team looking for new blood to join the "coconauts" and crunch for a good cause. Think of the benefits of joining this team, or rejoining this team:

A)Friendly chats in paradise!
B)Whistlen Jack
C)A place on the "good ship coconaut"
D)Whistlen Jack
E)Receipes available for download!
F)Whistlen Jack

See Capt'n Akela for more details! 

Click here to Join Team SEYCHELLES

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