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MyTeam is such a wide-open, fantasy-based manner, player-lock could add even more variety. Maybe MT 2K20 could attach certain awards to finishing these challenges, and it would provide a MyCareer encounter within MyTeam.Madden has this attribute within Ultimate Team, and I believe it would work nicely with 2K as well. A full 10-12 game season that provides tiered rewards for completion sounds like a winner. It would essentially build out the MyTeam Unlimited option, but more on that in a second.

I understand there were issues using Super-Max, but reluctantly, it was great. There are a large audience for MyTeam players who want to compete in a ranked setting which put some restrictions on lineups. I didn't like the implementation of PNP, but I really like the notion of a draft in a basketball collector manner. It could work much better than it does in the MUT Draft of Madden.

I believe 2K attempted to make the process a little too quick and wound up watering down it. Revisiting the notion with something a little more like MUT Draft will be advisable. Why not have a module inside MyTeam which allows players to be taken by you from the collection to play mini-games for tokens and MT? Shootouts, obstacle coursesand accuracy drills, half-court shots, passing, etc all would be fun diversions within the MyTeam space. That is an idea that would add yet another layer and create a new way to earn the in-game money and awards.

Some fans want to test MyTeam, but the online part is a deterrent--at least for now. A limited offline version may entice more gamers. It could be the equal of a cell app.MyTeam's version is fantasy, so not the players all have to be NBA guys from present or the past? Can you imagine if a Pink Diamond player was released each month armed with a backstory, a signature look, etc? 2K's social networking machine could have a ball running posts revealing and teasing the personality every month.

Hardcore MyTeam players can relate to the next and this segment, but it's well worth mentioning if you spend some time in the Auction House. When searching for a player or team, it would be good if you can filter the results to exclude or add the gamers which you own.If I am looking for the next Diamond Dwyane Wade, but I have the other in my group, showing me equally only makes the scrolling process longer and more tedious. If I could check a box that says"show me cards which are not in my collection," it would be helpful.Sometimes, there are a ton of results within an Auction search.

Can it be too much to ask to have a progression bar that indicates how much more before you reach the end of the listing Buy NBA 2K20 MT, you need to scroll? A sorting choice by rating, max bid, and more would also make this process easier.MyTeam's popularity and 2K's sometimes faulty servers are not a good mix. In its worst point, an influx of some other effort, or traffic because of locker code salvation can cause crashes which result in missed opportunities to redeem much more and rewards. Evidently, the fix here would be to fortify the servers to restrict or remove these cases.
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