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The very first time you view your participant card, splash screens will quickly go over where you can view your X-Factor and Abilities. New ability slots are unlocked when you hit 60 OVR, 70, 80, 90, and 95, so you might have one or two slots available from the beginning depending on how you did in the Combine. The skills in each slot are different, which means you will need to think carefully about which nfl 20 coins ones you want. Luckily, you can change these anytime in between matches and they're explained in detail on-screen. Although your X-Factor may be game-changing, most of the skills aren't.

Consider your personal play style when you select your abilities. This gives the quarterback perfect precision on throws when the target is between the numbers on the field. (Note: this doesn't guarantee the pass will finish, just that it will hit the receiver at the palms. It may still be deflected or intercepted by the defense) This would be a fantastic ability if you are a pocket passer, particularly if you run a brief passing game since it'll guarantee you will not have errant throws on the majority of your pass efforts.

Conversely, the far-right ability from the screenshot below is your Leap Frog ability. This allows you to move fast and readily hurdle over any would-be tacklers hoping to prevent you from scrambling. A scrambling-type quarterback from the mold of Russell Wilson would do nicely with this particular ability, but pocket passer-type appeared like Tom Brady wouldn't have much use for it.You may pick any locked slots to get a preview of all of the abilities which can be selected. There are no extra requirements to unlock regular skills other than reaching a certain OVR rating. Additional X-Factors require hitting 85 OVR with specific archetypes.

After that, FOF is about making an impact on your own team. From the Franchise hub, you will have tiles that request that you set goals and prepare each week for XP. Training could be simulated, but you are going to get less XP than if you conduct yourself. In FOF you will likely get the starting job for the first time, though based on League Settings you wouldn't automatically get it in a typical Franchise file. Before games, you can socialize with your coach or lovers.

During matches, you will only control your own player buy madden 20 coins. Since the QB, he can participate in holding the ball for discipline goals or extra-point efforts during preseason until he is called the starter, but otherwise he'll simply be on the field through a normal offensive drive. Madden NFL 20 will quick-sim through plays he's not involved in, so the triumph and loss of this game may be from your hands if your defense is having an especially bad day.
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