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Topic: Question for BOINC users (Read 1646 times) Print
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Which version are you using?

I see the recommended is 5.4.9 while there is a 5.6.4 available if you're game.  Does anyone use this and what's it like in terms of stability etc?

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Here is what Rom Walton says in his blog at on 13 Oct 2006 :
    Is there any possibilty of releasing 5.6.4 or 5.6.5 as alternate versions?

I don't intend to put them on the download page. But if you feel comfortable with the quality of the client that you feel you can recommend people to use it, then go ahead and give them the link. I think we were far enough along in the testing process to know it isn't going to cause any major problems and might have only a few small bugs left before it was ready to be released.

The reason for not adding it to the download page is then people would receive a message in the message long requesting they upgrade to it. If all goes according to plan we'll be able to release 5.8 in a few weeks, and it would be a bad experience to bug people about upgrading twice in one month.

I suspect that if somebody was experiencing a bug that is fixed in 5.6 they would be happy to start using it now and not be so annoyed when they see the upgrade notice for 5.8.
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